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Kelsey Murphy on changing your life, fifteen minutes at a time

Kelsey Murphy on changing your life, fifteen minutes at a time

September 2, 2018

Big dreams take time, and sometimes can feel overwhelming. Today's guest shares how we can achieve anything when we focus on it for fifteen minutes at a time.

Kelsey Murphy is a career strategist, certified life coach and founder of Whiskey and Work. Previously the Advertising Director for Nintendo and Elizabeth Arden, she now works with people all over the world to help them create a more fulfilling career and life. Some of her clients include the management of Facebook, Apple and TOMS. She’s also a snowboarder, a dreamer and a fresh air addict, and her positivity is contagious.


Key Moments:

[4m 00s] Kelsey shares the power of 15-minute chunking

[7m 00s] Why you don't need to choose just one passion to live an inspired life

[11m 00s] Why you might want to pop into a bookshop this weekend

[13m 20s] On living a one hundred year life

[13m 30s] How to think about your life in phases

[15m 30s] What Kelsey wished people knew about her

[21m 30s] The importance of acknowledging when you are living the life you once dreamt of

[24m 35s] What Kelsey had to let go of to discover the life she has now

[28m 10s] The three questions Kelsey most often gets asked by women trying to find their path

[33m 20s] Kelsey's advice for building your confidence


People / sources mentioned:

Whiskey and Work / Kelsey on Twitter

Beth and Kelsey on Instagram (tag us to let us know you listened!) @bethkempton / @kelseymurphy

Beth’s book Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love.

Beth's book Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life

The 100 Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott


Kate Eckman on body confidence and bringing the joy!

Kate Eckman on body confidence and bringing the joy!

August 28, 2018

Kate Eckman is a model, QVC TV presenter, motivational speaker and all-round joy bringer. She lights up every room she enters. Well-versed in the competitive side of a career in modelling and TV presenting, Kate is knows a lot about body confidence and self-compassion. She’s passionate about helping others face up to their fears, own their stories and be comfortable in their own skin.

We talk about confidence, dealing with comparison and encouraging self compassion.

Listen in, you’re in for a treat…

Key Moments:

[2m 00s] We begin with a reading of Kate’s beautiful manifesto which will warm your heart

[4m 20s] Kate walks us through a day in the life of being her

[6m 40s] We talk about the competitive edge that comes with working in television and the modelling industry and how Kate deals with it

[8m 00s] Kate shares a moment where her body confidence was tested to the limits, and her immediate response

[10m 30s] We question why we only remember negative comments/feedback and what actions we can talk towards more self-compassionate thoughts

[14m 00s] Expanding our comfort zones and the courage facing up to your fears will give you

[16m 30s] We discuss social media and comparison, and how it feeds the global confidence crisis we’re currently faced with

[21m 00s] Beth asks Kate how she finds meaning in the work she does in such a consumer-focused industry. Her answer will bring you joy.

[28m 30s] Kate shares the tender story of losing two close friends to suicide, the guidance they have given her and the messages they send to her

[30m 05s] Beth asks Kate “What makes you glad to be alive?” Her response is not what you’d expect.. :)

[31m 00s] Kate shares what “Freedom” means in her life


People / sources mentioned:

Kate’s blog

Beth’s book Freedom Seeker

Beth's book Wabi Sabi: Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life

Where to find Kate:


Kelly Rae Roberts and Mati Rose McDonough on life, art-making, friendship and all the things

Kelly Rae Roberts and Mati Rose McDonough on life, art-making, friendship and all the things

August 20, 2018

For many many people, living a creative life, and making their living that way, is a dream. For today's guests Kelly Rae Roberts and Mati Rose McDonough, it's the life path they have chosen. It hasn't always been easy, but their friendship has played a huge part in keeping them inspired and motivated through the good times and the tough times.

I am especially delighted to have them on the show, together, because of the pivotal role they have played in my life. Get yourself a cuppa and pull up a chair. You'll feel like you are round the kitchen table with these inspiring ladies...

Key Moments:

[3m 00s] Kelly Rae and Mati Rose on their friendship, and what they love most about each other

[6m 30s] On how they became friends

[8m 00s] On the challenge of making friends later in life

[12m 00s] On building your own tribe

[17m 55s] On evolving their businesses

[20m 30s] On how spreading your wings inspires others to do the same

[26m 05s] On discovering what wellness really means

[32m 00s] On the true meaning of compassion

[35m 00s] On the messages we are sending with how we talk about ourselves

[36m 00s] Kelly Rae and Mati Rose reveal the most important things they have learnt from each other



People / sources mentioned:

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Beth’s book Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love.

Beth's book Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life


Where to find Kelly Rae and Mati Rose:

Kelly Rae's website

Mati Rose's website

Lilla Rogers on thriving in a creative career

Lilla Rogers on thriving in a creative career

August 4, 2018

Lilla Rogers is one of the world’s top art agents, who happens to be both a badass businesswoman and a deeply intuitive spiritual person. Lilla is a brilliant example of blending the two, and she trusts much of her three decades of success to trusting her gut. Lilla’s love for art led her to a hugely successful illustration career in New York in the 1980s, but it’s the entrepreneurial gene she inherited from her parents that led her into the agency business. Her agency, Lilla Rogers Studio, has sold art for products worth over $200 million. But what I love most about Lilla is that she is a true champion of women, especially those in business.

Personally, as co-founders of (MATS) I am honoured to call her both business partner and friend, and am excited to co-teach with Lilla on our upcoming MATS MBA (Money BadAss) money course for creative people, starting on August 13. This episode is full of sparkling gems of wisdom for living a creative life and making a living doing it, from someone who has been around the block and back again. Get ready to be inspired!

Key Moments:

[5m 00s]  Lilla shares why it's important to get obsessed with what you're good at

[6m 20s] On how you know it's time for a transition to something new

[8m 25s] How to find your creative style

[10m 25s] Creating art in your mind versus creating art in your body

[13m 20s] Lilla shares why working doesn't always look like working when you have a creative career (and why this may be a mystery to others!)

[16m 40s] How art and teaching can be a political act

[19m 20s] On the giant shifts we are seeing with online teaching and what they mean for us all

[22m 45s] Lilla's answer to the question "How do I know if I'm good enough?"

[27m 00s] What it takes to have a thriving creative career


People / sources mentioned:

Lilla's Make Art That Sells courses including the MATS MBA (Money BadAss) course we co-teach, which starts on August 13.

Lilla's Global Talent Search

Beth and Lilla on Instagram (tag us to let us know you listened!) @bethkempton / @lillarogers

Beth’s book Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love.

Beth's book Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life


Where to find Lilla:

Tina Chantrey on mindful running and how it healed her after divorce

Tina Chantrey on mindful running and how it healed her after divorce

July 28, 2018

For many many people, running is more than just a sport. It’s time alone, it’s meditation, it’s pushing your body and mind to its limits or it’s connecting with a tribe of people who love it too. It might be all of those things and more.

For one runner and sports journalist Tina Chantrey, running is a coping mechanism and stress reliever that has pushed Tina through difficult times – getting divorced and navigating a new life as a single mum.

Whether you’re a novice runner or a marathon lover, this interview with Tina will highlight just how important it is to find what it is that releases stress within you and practice it day after day. If you’ve been intrigued about how running might be able to help you but aren’t sure how to keep it up or get started, listen in for lots of tips on what you may be doing wrong. It all starts with reframing your thoughts about what “running” is and what you’re expecting of yourself…

Key Moments:


[2m 22s] As a non-runner, Beth asks Tina what makes running such a special companion to her life?

[5m 55s] What benefits does running solo and running with a group give you?

[8m 00s] Tina shares how she feels when she runs, it’s her meditation

[9m 00s] Tina gives Beth tips on how to start running and find her natural rhythm

[9m 40s] How does Tina make time to run? You’ll be assured to hear she doesn’t plan it!

[11m 00s] Tina encourages us to feel gratitude when we run, and make it a stress reliever not “another thing to fit in” to our busy days

[13m 00s] We speak about how running was a catalyst to hers and her ex-husband’s divorce and the coping mechanisms Tina had to put in place when life got too much

[17m 50s] The importance of keeping a strong routine with family when going through divorce proceedings and emotional instability

[19m 30s] Tina proves there is a way out of difficult life experiences, if you face them with courage

[21m 40s] We talk about Tina’s book and the vulnerability she felt sharing her story with the world

[25m 45s] Tina touches on the 6 stages of divorce survival, as covered in her book The Divorce Survival Guide

[28m 30s] I ask Tina what she learned most about herself going through such a difficult time of her life

[32m 15s] What is the day-to-day reality of working at a top sports magazine as a journalist?

People / sources mentioned:

Tina’s book Tina Chantrey's Divorce Survival Guide:

Beth’s book Freedom Seeker:

Beth's book Wabi Sabi:


Where to find Tina:

Pete Mosley on the art of shouting quietly

Pete Mosley on the art of shouting quietly

July 21, 2018

Are you a quiet soul trying to sell your craft in a noisy world? Have you always wanted to establish yourself as a thought leader but think your introversion or inner-fears may be holding you back? My guest on today’s show proves that there is strength in introversion – you don’t have to shout loudly to make an impact or gain custom. Pete Mosley is the author of The Art Of Shouting Quietly, a book that shows you how to see your quietness, introversion or lack of confidence as a strength, and work with the right communication channels that will help you shine and authentically connect with the world. Join us in this episode where we talk about  challenging inner voices that hold us back, finding and owning the environments that make us come alive, and using your introversion as a competitive advantage.

Key Moments:

[1m 40s] We dive straight in – I ask Pete, how does a former rockstar end up writing a book for introverts?

[4m 58s] Pete tells us how crowdfunding was a brilliant way for him to shout quietly whilst building an audience around his new book.

[6m 20s] We chat about the value of seeking out a likeminded community if you’re an introvert.

[7m 15s] Pete shares what he’s learned about his strengths and weaknesses over the years and why writing is a huge part of his life.

[9m 20s] As introverts, how do we challenge the inner voices that tell us we are an imposter, or we will never make a living out of our creative work? Pete shares.

[11m 0s] How we can use existing channels to comfortably build relationships, particularly helpful if we’re a socially nervous or find big groups difficult.

[12m 29s] Beth reads an excerpt from Pete’s book that so clearly defines the daily difficulties quiet creatives are faced with – the pull of resistance to new ideas. Pete explains why we are all hard wired against risk and how to overcome fear.

[15m 20s] Why recognising the way that fear presents itself in you can actually fuel you.

[16m 30s] Pete explains the importance of coaches sensing the reasons other than the label of “introversion” that can lead to “quiet periods” in people’s lives (like a breakup, redundancy, bereavement and more).

[18m 55s] We talk about confidence and why we must recognise or find the environments that help us shine.

[20m 30s] How does Pete’s work help people find that place that helps them shine bright?

[22m 30s] Beth shares why we should all put ourselves in different situations from time to time. Unless we look for new circles, hobbies, opportunities, how will we know it’s where we shine best?

[23m 0s] We discuss how introverts determine what their worth is, and how to price their products/services

[25m 15s] Does the size of your audience determine the custom you see and what can be put in place to build relationships with your audience in a quiet way?

[27m 15s] What does success mean to Pete on a personal level?

[28m 40s] How would the world be different if everybody learned the art of shouting quietly?


People / sources mentioned:

Pete’s Book The Art Of Shouting Quietly

Susan Cain’s book Quiet:

Beth’s book Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love.

Beth's book Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life


Where to find Pete:

Mary-Anne Wagner on healing the soul

Mary-Anne Wagner on healing the soul

July 15, 2018

Allow me to introduce you to a woman with a very unique, extraordinary view of life thanks to a particular special gift. Mary-Anne Wagner does what is called 'soul counselling', communicating with the souls of loved ones and/or animals past and present to share messages you need to hear to find peace in your life.

Believe me when I say Mary-Anne’s soul counselling sessions come with profound lessons. Shortly before we recorded this podcast together I had a session with her in, which inspired me to approach a particular part of my life in a whole new way. It is so unusual it can be hard to fathom, but I for one was blown away by what she shared, and I hope it brings you comfort.


Pia Jane Bijkerk on unleashing your creativity and inner magic

Pia Jane Bijkerk on unleashing your creativity and inner magic

July 7, 2018

There is beauty, creativity and purpose inside each and every one of us. Yes, we get days where our sparkle is dulled, but by breathing into it, understanding who you are and what’s important to you, will help you bounce back with the vivacity you’ve always had. My next guest Pia Jane Bijkerk knows all about helping creative people to slow their minds and listen to their hearts.

Pia is a stylist, photographer, author and creative mentor and down she is also a wanderer, a philosopher and a seeker of beauty. I called Pia to the show because I knew the strength her story has brought to the many people who know her (including me) and I can’t wait for her to share with you the creative, guiding principles she lives by which allows her to unleash magic across the world every day.

Listen in for a real dose of creative energy.

Key Moments:

[2m 55s] We begin with the word peace. Pia shares why it’s the thing she cares most for in the world

[4m 00s] Pia tells us how she answered her inner yearnings with the story of why she packed up everything she owned in her home in Sydney Australia and left for Paris.

[8m 15s] What it’s like to live in Paris – Pia’s experience of dreamy Paris might surprise you

[10m 00s] Beth reads a favourite extract from Pia’s book My Heart Wanders which calls us to succumb to the feeling of difficult times, and be in it.

[11m 55s] How Pia finds magic in the simplest of things which opened up career opportunities for her

[13m 00s] Pia shares her thoughts on how – even on our greyest, dullest day – we can seek out magic in our lives

[14m 30s] We discuss the principles Pia has brought into her life, to guide her and how she helps groups of children at her school too

[17m 40s] Coming to terms with being enough. The thoughts Pia has around inner confidence and how she parents in such a way that helps her daughter learn that she is enough too.

[22m 00s] Pia shares thoughts on her daughter ‘copying’ and how she encourages her to feel that inspiration, but make it her own

[24m 00s] We drive deeper into Creativity and the importance of the process not just the outcome

[29m 30s] Pia beautifully explains the changes felt to a piece of your art, words or photo after you share it – simply because other people can now observe your creation

“If I can never let it go – I just couldn’t make more new work”

[30m 30s] Pia’s work is taking on a new emergence recently, she explains why she is focussing on the way things feel, not so much on the way things look anymore

[32m 50s] Pia explains why she stepped back from commercial work to focus on helping individuals

[33m 00s] We talk about the importance of connecting to your inner magic, not looking outside of it – especially true for this new age of Instagram leadership

[35m 00s] Pia tells us how she gives her mentees space to create their own magic

[37m 00s] What does freedom mean to Pia? Hear her beautiful answer right here.

People / sources mentioned:

Pia’s book My Heart Wanders:

Pia’s workshops:

Pia’s mentoring:

Beth and Pia on Instagram (tag us to let us know you listened!) @bethkempton / @piajanebijkerk

Beth’s book Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love.

Beth's book Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life


Where to find Pia:

Kathe Crawford on revealing your secrets

Kathe Crawford on revealing your secrets

July 1, 2018

Kathe Crawford lived a secret life for three decades before finally discovering how different life can be when you open up to your truth. Kathe’s story is a deeply moving and a huge lesson to every one of us. Listen in to hear the remarkable journey of a woman who set herself free by following her truth, and the difficult but necessary journey that followed as she revealed her secret. It will inspire you to release any secrets that have been weighing you down, and embrace the most authentic version of yourself.

NOTE: We recorded this just before Kathe's book Unlocking Secrets was published, but it is out now here!

Key Moments:

[2m 20s] Kathe describes her life before she revealed her secret with friends

[4m 45s] We hear the journey Kathe went on to finding peace in her head and heart

[7m 15s] What was Kathe’s secret? She reveals

[12m 30s] Kathe tells us how she came to reveal her secret to family and friends and the difficulty around it

[15m 15s] The spiritual journey that began for Kathe when she opened up

[19m 25s] The life changes that opened up to Kathe after she released her story – just the beginning of a whole new way of living

[22m 20s] We all have stories we keep secret. What if the world opened up? Kathe explains why writing her book was an important step

[26m 40s] Beth asks Kathe what advice she would give to someone who is holding a big dream. Her answer will fuel you.

[29m 00s] What does freedom mean to Kathe?

People / sources mentioned:

John Welshon’s book Awakening from Grief:

Kathe’s book Unlocking Secrets:

Beth and Kathe on Instagram (tag us to let us know you listened!) @bethkempton / @kathecrawford

Beth’s book Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love.

Beth's book Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life


Where to find Kathe:

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Karen Darke on finding your quest and striving for inner gold

Karen Darke on finding your quest and striving for inner gold

June 21, 2018

When Karen Darke was 10 years old, she decided she would climb all 3000ft of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. She did so nearly 25 decades years later, even though she has been in a wheelchair since a rock climbing accident at the age of 21. She spent five days hoisting herself up the rockface and spent the nights on ledges in the cliff. This is just one example of extraordinary bravery and perseverance by Karen, who became Paralympic Champion in hand-cycling at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. She says “Life has taught me the importance of holding tight to belief, and never, ever giving up.” I invited her onto the show to share more about her amazing attitude to life, and what we can all learn from her about resilience, perseverance and possibility.

Key Moments:

[2m 18s] Karen tells us where she gets her endless will for challenge and adventure

[4m 40s] Beth asks about the turning point for Karen, at 21 when she was left paralysed after an accident, how did she face up to her future? Her response is powerful.

[7m 30s] Karen tells us about the small incremental goals she set herself mentally and physically which ultimately lead her to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, confronting her fears all over again

[10m 25s] Karen explains what it was like to be part of two world Olympics, London and Rio. Her determination is inspiring

[13m 50s] We talk about the pressure Karen faced in the build up to major events like the Olympics, and the strategies she uses to decompress after major events

[15m 50s] Karen shares her need to protect her energy and recovery time when she is invited to events, celebrations and gatherings following major achievements like becoming an Olympic medallist

[19m 00s] Hear about the next challenge Karen is training for – her Quest79 project, and how you can be a part of it

[22m 00s] Overcoming the fears and worries each adventure brings, and how Karen prepares practically for each trip

[25m 25s] Beth asks Karen to share how she brings the feeling of freedom to her every day…

[27m 00s] What’s next for Karen? Her outlook on life as she looks back on the highs and lows.


People / sources mentioned:

Karen’s Quest79 project:

Beth and Karen on Twitter (tag us to let us know you listened!) @dowhatyoulovexx / @kdarke

Beth’s book Freedom Seeker: Live more. Worry less. Do what you love.

Beth's book Wabi Sabi: Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life

Where to find Karen:

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